APCH Fundraisers

Prayer Team Fundraiser

Our prayer team is a very important aspect to our church  ministry. They have been commissioned to not only spread the Gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, but to stand in the gap for the souls of our Church members.


We have a responsibility to support them as they grow in the ministry. We encourage you to continue to also keep them in prayer, because they are the shoulders we lean on in our time of need.


There will be times the prayer team will have to travel with the Bishop and Pastors to convocations and other events that require their presence.


In order to financially maintain the cost of travel and preparation of events the prayer team will have various fundraisers. Our up coming Fundraiser is The Shrove Tuesday Dinners featuring our Bishops Famous Shrimp & Grits, Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon Coffee and Juice, all you can eat for only a $5 Donation. Tuesday February 25, 2020 starting at 5:30pm.

Marketing Team Fundraiser

Our Marketing Team Ministry is responsible for our church website, social media (facebook, instagram) videography, brochures and flyers just to name a few.


They are also responsible for branding our church and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the globe.  To do all of these things it takes time, patience and of course finances.


 Many of those ideas and concepts require traveling with the Bishop and Pastors from state to state, so to over the cost we decided to make available to you a variety of things that can be purchased in our church.

To name a few, we have T-Shirts, wireless headsets as well as anointing oil that has been prayed over by our very own Bishop and Pastors. We also have future plans to include coffee mugs, Journals, and tote bags.


Wireless Headsets  $  5.00

T-Shirts                   $ 15.00

Anointing Oil          $   5.00

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