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Shawn Joshua Boyette joined A Place Called Hope church in 2009. He was fortunate to have gone to the one of the first Bible Study sessions in the first church building with his wife. Although the church was just beginning it was one of the most exciting movements made in the Raleigh Garner area. This was the very first African American Affirming churches in the triangle. Shawn was invited to join The Voices of Hope Choir sending him into familiar territory after growing up singing in his childhood church choir.As the church started to grow very rapidly they needed to find a bigger space to worship and that's when the church moved down the street from the original location on junction blvd.Shawn knew there had to be more to get out of A Place Called Hope and that is when he started really paying attention to the vision of growth which was necessary, while Executive Pastor was in charge fo the music, she made Shawn in charge of recording services by video camera and then copying them on a disc to sell.

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