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                       APCH -Social Distancing Park & Praise Worship Disclaimer

Every First Sunday of the Month we will have Park & Praise Worship Service in the Parking Lot at APCH Church. Please adhere to the following Government Ordinance:



In order to comply with NC law, with social distancing for our first Sunday Communion which will be held in our parking lot.

  • We encourage the use of cloth face coverings

  • Please remain in your vehicles at all times.

  • Mark six feet (6') of spacing in the parking lot.

  • Deacons will have hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes/sprays available at drive up if needed.

  • Deacons that will be participating by wearing gloves and washing hands frequently. The Deacons will use hand sanitizer in between communion.

  • Deacons that will be participating will wear a mask at all times and post signs reminding everyone it is mandatory that we use social distancing.

  • Wear gloves at all times for all others in social distancing services.

Note: If you have to use the restroom please enter from the back of the church one person at a time with an escort from the security team. 

Thank you for your understanding of this matter.

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