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It is a fundamental goal of A Place Called Hope to feed God's people, both in the spiritual and physical sense. We now have a trained staff of counselors that are certified in various counseling categories and are available for scheduled sessions. Feel free to inquire confidentially for your custom counseling needs. If we are unable to accommodate for specific reasons we have partnered with available resources that we can refer you to.

Bishop Vivian Murphy - Hutcheson
Spiritual Counseling & Marriage Counseling

Bishop Hutcheson has been a Biblical Life Coach since 2015

Executive Pastor Pamela Hutcheson
Pastor Hutcheson has been a Certified Life Coach since 2015


Although we would love to go through life without the guidance we need from others, it is also important to use wisdom. Sometimes in life you will have struggles, you will have disagreements and you will also have disappointments that are beyond your control. It is not wise to do it alone, God tells us to seek Him in prayer, but when you find it difficult to do it alone He appoints the counsel of your Ministers and Pastors and Bishops to assist you as well. To make an appointment please fill out the form on the left an also click on Plans & Pricing to complete your submission. 


 If you have a life threatening emergency please call 911, if you threaten anyone person or if the Clergy feels that your life or someone else's life may be in danger they have the right to contact the authorities, otherwise your sessions are strictly confidential.

Our Clergy staff reserves the right to refuse any appointment due to Non-Payment of services rendered. Payments are due before your appointment can be scheduled. If you are unable to make your appointment please be courteous and contact your counselor in advance and your appointment can either be rescheduled or a refund will be made. Our Clergy has to prepare for each unique appointment therefore, they spend personal time in preparation at your request. They are also traveling from different distances and also changing their own personal and family time to assist in your needs. Appointments can not be made in person the request must be made online. Appointments can not be made after Sunday Services as the Clergy must be able to go home and rest as well as study. Please adhere to this disclaimer and if you have any questions or concerns please speak with the Adjutants assigned to the Clergy staff member.

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